We rejoice in baptisms!

Each baptism is a sacred occasion, and we are delighted when a family requests this sacrament. Last year, a young child was baptised by our Chaplain at the Protestant Temple in Bordeaux (Talence), and in May, eight teenagers and young adults were baptised.


What joy to look back at these baptisms, the light of Christ shining hope into our world.

Christingles and Carols in Bertric Burée

On 9th Dec, children and adults enjoyed making Christingles and learning about how they represent light, hope, love, and unity. Following this candle-lit tradition, we gathered together in the church to sing carols and reflect on the joy and true meaning of Christmas together.

Bordeaux Youth Group

There is an active youth group and Sunday School at our church in Bordeaux.
In the discussion group for teenagers we explore typical questions and issues posed by adolescents such as ‘What do my friends think of me?’; ‘How can I identify a real friend?’; ‘What if I don’t like my teachers?’ and ‘Do I have to go to Church?’

We use Christian precepts and Biblical references to help them through this challenging period of growth and increasing self-awareness.

The Sunday School and Youth Groups meet during part of the service on-site (please check calendar) but we believe that children and young people should be included in our worship and they return to the service in time to share in the service with their families. Online meeting are also available. Please refer to the calendar or send a form for more information.

Other news to share?...

Do you have news to share about a youth project at your church? Are you a family visiting one of our churches in France this summer, with a story to tell us? If so, we would be delighted to hear from you… please email our Chaplaincy Administrator on: chapaq.office@gmail.com