Focussed prayers for this time of change

Join us for weekly for a time of online prayer on Tuesday evenings at 18:30 (CET)

With the Chaplain’s retirement, we have moved into a phase

where the post becomes vacant. As a worshipping Christian community,

we invite you to join us each week to pray for all stages of this process.

Join us in praying for the following points:

  • For Tony and Ingrid as they move away from the Chaplaincy.
  • For everyone involved in this time of change as we prepare to welcome a new Chaplain.
  • For Chaplaincy Council as they liaise with the Diocese and ICS in searching for and appointing our new Chaplain.
  • For the Chaplaincy Wardens who are overseeing this process, with the Lord’s guidance.
  • For every step of the process of searching for and finding the candidate that our Lord wants to send to us.
  • That the Lord will fire up the heart of the right priest so that they are inspired to come and lead the Chaplaincy here.
  • That the whole course of this will be protected from adverse and undesirable influences and that the focus will be constantly on God’s will for us.
  • Anything else regarding this that comes to people’s hearts.

If you can join these meetings on Zoom on Tuesday evenings  please do, and if you cannot please join us in spirit. If you can only join us occasionally or if you can join us every week that will also be wonderful. We are intending to pray every week together and at other times separately until the Lord has sent us our new Chaplain.

The meetings are led by Chaplaincy worship leaders, including priests, readers, and congregational worship leaders.

These are exciting times and let us join in prayer for God’s blessing on us.

Please pray for the Timeline of dates:

  • More dates to follow as progress is made, with the Lord’s guidance

For more information or the zoom link:

Please contact the Mission and Outreach Team: