'Simply Sewing' - come along and sew with us

Join us for a meeting of the ‘Simply Sewing’ group is held on Tuesdays chez Elizabeth Brook in Saint Jory las Bloux, NE of Périgueux (24160). Do come along, everyone has something to contribute and it all helps us to grow in understanding of our faith and each other; it is a time spent together of great value.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth on 05 53 52 50 91 (

Sunday School

Sunday School can be provided during our Family Service on the fourth Sunday of each month. Children are invited to go to the activity table at the back of the church during the sermon. There, they are encouraged to discover more about our great big God! The children are more confident to leave their parents, knowing they are still close by, rather than taking them to a separate room. We look forward to welcoming your children soon. You are welcome to contact Alexandra Billing to discuss the abilities of your children so that appropriate activities maybe planned to suit their individual needs.

House Group Meetings

If you have never been to a home group give it a try. You don’t need to be a bible scholar, just to want to be part of a group of folks seeking to know a bit more about living a christian life , living for Jesus. How best to understand what it is that our Father wants us to be and to do, how best to practice what we believe. Humans all fail at somethings and as a christian family we can support and encourage one another along that narrow path.

We do hope you will be inspired to join us, for more information please phone Alexandra Billing: