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'Church Online', to keep us connected

church onlineDue to the Coronavirus outbreak, church services are currently suspended. They will resume as soon as is possible.

Click here to visit Church Online, an online space to keep us connected during this time, sharing worship liturgy resources, videos, prayers, and a blog.




Resources for praying at home

rainbow of hopeThe Chaplain writes: As we learn how to operate as a living church during this time of enforced separation, the Ministry team will be exploring various ways of allowing us to pray and worship together in some way.For this week we have had to restrict ourselves to a simple print-based system and so you will find some resources attached to help us to pray together tomorrow.

I would like to suggest that, wherever possible, you make some time and space at our usual meeting time of 10h30 tomorrow morning to read through the (see links below) prayers, readings and sermon, and to spend some time listening to God and praying for each other, our families, communities and the world.I would be very interested to know how you get on with this and for any other feedback as we progress through the coming weeks.

Praying at home                         Tony's sermon for 15th March

Tony's sermon for 22nd March


Suggestions for mid-day prayer

The Chaplain writes: During this time of confinement, I thought that it would be a nice idea if we could all have a regular time of prayer when we know that others across the Chaplaincy will also be praying with us.  I know that some of our home groups already do this as do, for example, members of the Bordeaux church.

I would invite all of you to pause at midday (12h00) each day for a few minutes to pray for each other and for everyone who is living through this current pandemic - not forgetting that other problems of poverty, injustice and oppression haven’t gone away and are a much more pressing concern for many in the world.

Please find below a few suggested prayers for those of us who might find them helpful.  God knows our deepest thoughts and so even (or perhaps especially) a short time of silence with God will be valuable.Stay safe! Stay hopeful!

Suggested prayers for mid-day