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Summer youth ministry fun at Sainte Nathalène


Fun August  'My Light House' song

At the August 20th service, June Rootham encouraged the little ones to come to the front to show us the actions to 'My Light House', which was great fun! The lyrics explain that God is "the peace in my troubled sea..."

Click here to listen to the catchy tune and listen to the truth of the words then check out various versions of the actions.

Above all have fun, love God and enjoy Him, He loves us more than we will ever know.


Kid's Challenge 2017

In the September edition of the European Anglican, Elizabeth Bussmann-Morton (Diocese Environment Officer) talked about Earth Overshoot Day and issued a challenge to our youngsters.

What ideas can you come up with and put into action to reduce our footprint?

For some great ideas check out: (www.earthsaversclubforkids.com). Send us your photos and short description. The best will be published in the European Anglican Magazine!

Closing date for submissions: 8th August 2017 - Are YOU up for the challenge? Contact Amy Owensmith for more information (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Youth Ministry with Pokemon Go Gamers!

pokemon goMid-July saw the launch of Pokemon Go in France. Its easy to spot those who are playing - they walk along glued to the screen of their phones and then suddenly stop as a virtual Pokemon appears and then they try to catch it inside a small ball. Many local landmarks are designated "Pokestops" or "Pokegyms" where players can pick up essential items to help them play the game or battle their favourite Pokemon against others.

pokemon fever



We were made aware that Ste Catherine's church in Upper Limeuil was both a "Pokestops" and a "Pokegyms" when Deacon Charlotte Sullivan came across 5 young people on the steps of the church playing the game. We thought it would be wonderful to enter into the spirit of Pokemon fever.  From 15th -18th August we were at the church all afternoon offering hospitality to all youngsters playing the game, as well as refreshments and competitions to win Pokemon goodies.

We welcomed nearly 50 young people, many of them with their parents who came along to visit the beautiful village and church. Our new Chaplain Tony Lomas entered into the spirit of occasion and managed to catch a good number of Pokemon's throughout the afternoon.


'Pokemon Go' invites visitors to the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine!

pokemon goWho would ever imagine mixing video games and places of worship? Since 'Pokemon Go' has been launched in France, we have just learned that an important virtual 'gym' is located at Sainte Catherine's church in upper Limeuil, and THE spot to collect rare Pokemons and valuable virtual coins! Also, the Eymet temple is a Pokestop! The challenge is on: how many of the other churches in the Chaplaincy are featured in the 'Pokemon Go' game? Playing is easy: simply download the free app, put on your walking shoes, and you're off!  We pray for safety for all who participate in this fun activity, and may the Holy Spirit guide our footsteps. To give feedback about a church near you, please contact Amy Owensmith, 06 07 04 07 77, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sunday School around the Chaplaincy 

Pentecost - and all fired up in Bordeaux!

god loves youOn the day of Pentecost, the disciples found that they could speak in many different languages. ThePentecost celebration at Bordeaux could not have been more poignant as the congregation was made up of people from many nations and 'tongues'.

Rev'd Bramwell spoke about how the Holy Spirit changes us and how it should be easy to see those whose lives had been changed even if our languages are different. While the adults were listening to the sermon and singing hymns, the children met with Jennifer to hear the dramatic story of Pentecost ... action packed with wind and fire and the Holy Spirit.

They children then wrote out 'GOD LOVES US' in as many different languages as possible ... Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Madagasy, Portuguese, French, English and so forth to make a big banner so that we could go out and spread the word as Jesus had commanded. In church later the children shouted out this message in their chosen language (all at the same time!) to make sure the multi-cultural congregation had got the message!


Church for Children at Bertric Burée

sunday schoolThere’s a Sunday School every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month and all children are welcome. They stay in church for part of the service and then spend time together having fun, learning about Jesus and the Bible.

Each week the children read or act out a bible story, learn a song, do something crafty, play games and we always end each session with prayer time. Usually we do a short 'show and tell’ or ‘sing and tell' for the congregation after each session so that they can see what we’ve been doing.



Ste Nathalène Sunday School

worshipping communitySunday School at Ste Nathalène: July and August plus other school holidays. In our services, we aim to have an action song with percussion for the children to join in with. Also, a brief explanation of the Bible story at their level, before they go to their own activity. 
sunday school
 We prepare booklets for the children to complete with pages for various ages and abilities. The Bible story and theme are usually taken from the Gospel reading.  The youngsters are at the back of the church so they are not far from parents, if they are shy. The children come to the front to show and tell what they have been doing.
We have many holiday visitors from the surrounding camp sites and Gîtes, in addition to our regular holiday home families.  As the family of God, we hope the children gain a sense of God's love and have a fun, relaxed time. 



 Bordeaux Sunday School 

The young people at Bordeaux make up a high proportion of our Church family.

There is a Sunday School every week for the younger children where the children hear Bible stories and participate in related music and craft activities. The Youth Group meet a couple of times each month during the service to discuss relevant issues to their life and how Christian values can help them as they grow up in today’s society. All the young people return to the service to participate in the communion with their families.

youth bordeauxEvery few months the young people run the service for the rest of the congregation and so far they have presented the Creation story, Noah’s Ark and Joshua and the battle of Jericho. These are always lively services with lots of action involved.

We also have a large student community and once a month they meet in a bar or café in town on a Friday evening to discuss a topic on their life and faith. ‘Wine and Words’ is a relaxed and social activity giving the students (or young at heart) a chance to ask questions and explore their faith.


Négrondes Saints Sunday School

There is a Family Service at Négrondes on the second Sunday of each month. Children are welcome to join us. They go to the back of the church during the sermon for a teaching and activity appropriate for their age. It would greatly help our preparation if you would let us know if you are planning to come. We can then tailor the teaching and activity to suit your child's age and ability. Contact Alexandra Billing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Have you heard of Ventures?

'Ventures' are activity holidays for children and young people, run by CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society). They have been running for over 50 years, providing loads of great holidays for 8 to 18 year-olds.

Most Ventures are based in boarding schools (in the UK) which are ideal for the range of activities on offer, and many have large swimming pools, sports facilities and theatres. If you're on a Specialist or Activity venture, you may be on a barge, under canvas, or at an Outdoor Pursuits Centre....

The best way to find out more is to visit their website - www.ventures.org.uk