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Creationtide in Aquitaine - what can we do to make a difference?

creationtide season...‘Creationtide’. In this period leading up to our Harvest Festivals at the end of the month or early in October, this now gives us an opportunity to take a renewed look at how we individually and as a church relate to the world around us...

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Our aims and core suggestions:

Caring for God’s Creation, our collective home planet earth, is part of our Christian calling. Our aim is to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and encourage others to do so too. Many of you have contributed to developing our strategy to achieve this aim through the lent study, ‘Caring for Creation’, and the Environment survey sent to all sectors, thank you. Thus, as a Chaplaincy we aim to:




The core suggestions made by chaplaincy members to help achieve our aims are:

1. Calculate our household Carbon Footprint and identify at least one change to be made to the current lifestyle. Record it on the ‘Personal Environment Commitment’ as a reminder (see over) and keep it visible!

2. Encourage car sharing for church worship and meetings and continue with Zoom meetings if appropriate.

3. Avoid one off printing (look for long term alternatives) and encourage recycling.

4. Look at alternative venues for worship during the winter period to avoid heating large buildings.

5. Hold services focusing on creation and introduce more creation liturgy and prayers in regular worship.

6. Stop using single use plastic and unnecessary packaging.

7. Form an environmental group including an ‘Environmental Advocate’ from each sector to raise awareness, encourage action, share ideas, and measure progress.

8. Look for ways to lobby those who can positively impact the reduction in global warming.

9. Support communities impacted by climate change e.g. twin with a church, eco charities

10. Talk to others about climate change and what can be done, support each other, talk to Jesus, and PRAY.

If would like to get involved or if you have questions, please contact Kathryn Carr This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the Personal Environmental Covenant Here


Caring for Creation: The Chaplain writes:

Dear Friends,

What comes into your mind when you hear the following words?

Environment, Climate Change, Ecology, Biodiversity

If these words invoke an emotional response, I suspect that it could go one of two ways. For some they will be exciting and invigorating, spurring them on to act and make changes that will help to improve our relationship with our planet. However, if we’re honest, we must acknowledge that there will be others who will heave a world-weary sigh and feel that they are once again being brow-beaten by the latest socio-political band-wagon.

As a Christian church, we clearly have a role to play in the God-given responsibility to care for the world that He has given us. The question we face today, perhaps more than ever before, is what that responsibility looks like in everyday life? How can we approach the very real challenges in a way that addresses the issues without burdening us all with almost impossible ideals?

save the environmentThe well-known environmental activists are certainly, on one level, providing the prophetic voices of our day, but they also have the luxury of being able to concentrate on this single issue rather on the more universal challenge of how that one issue fits into the global society. I think that we are all aware that there is no simple, universal answer to the problems that we are addressing and that it is the inherent complexity that makes the subject both so fascinating and exhilarating and also so confusing and apparently hopeless.

This, I believe, is where we, as Christians, have a vital part to play. If we look at climate change as a purely scientific, political and/or social problem, we are inevitably going to get bogged down in the sheer complexity of any potential solution. However, we believe in a Creator God who didn’t just create the world, press the ‘on’ switch and then sit back and passively watch what happens. We believe in God as a constantly creative God who is present and working in the world though his Holy Spirit as much today as he was at the very beginning of Creation. The Spirit brought order out of chaos then, do we honestly believe that he can’t or won’t do it now? The difference in the equation is us. This time round, the Spirit is working in and through us to help bring about the new heaven and new earth that is foreseen in the Bible.

season of creationFor many years now, in the Church of England, the period between 1st September and 4th October (the day on which we commemorate St Francis of Assisi) has been designated as the season of “Creationtide”. It is a time when many churches will be preparing for, or celebrating their Harvest Festival and is an opportunity for us to focus on God as Creator and Sustainer of all life. Whilst it is not something in which we, in Aquitaine, have engaged very greatly over recent years, I very much hope that this year we can use this season as a time to reflect together on our relationship with our environment. Consequently, I will be encouraging all my ministerial colleagues to engage, in their leading of worship and their preaching, with this particular subject. The particular theme for the Season of Creation 2021 is ‘A Home for All’, renewing the oikos of God. Oikos is a Greek word that means 'home' or 'family' and is the root of our words starting with 'eco' like 'ecology' and 'economics'.  The last year has been a wake up call to the need to restore our relationships with God, creation and each other and in so doing to get a clearer insight into the way forward for us and our environment.

caring for creationWe will also be arranging for some online discussions (not, I hasten to add, a training course!) for those of you who wish to explore further some of the subjects that will be raised during this time.

We all live in a particularly beautiful part of God’s amazing creation and I am sure that we all want to ensure that it remains equally beautiful for future generations. I hope that you will all feel encouraged as we spend September considering how we fit into God’s amazing plan for his Creation.

God bless,