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The building is closed!

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Many of you have probably seem this cartoon by Dave Walker circulating on social media and, for me at least, he hits the nail squarely on the head.

I have been amazed at the ingenuity and imagination with which many have approached the challenges of being church at the moment. Some, unwittingly, have given us much-needed amusement by getting it spectacularly wrong (My favourite is still the guy who managed to set fire to his jumper from a candle!) but many have provided heartfelt (even if sometimes imperfect) worship in a variety of forms.

I have been surprised, however, that many clergy still seem to feel the need to broadcasting from a church building. I tend to feel that we are currently, as someone on social media put it, a people in the wilderness and so should be worshiping God from a tent rather than tying ourselves back to a Temple. For me and Ingrid, church is currently found in our sitting room, in our garden and at our desks – anywhere where we can feel connected to God and, in spirit at least, feel connected with the rest of you as we pray our way through these final days of Lent.

I don’t know if you saw the pictures yesterday of Pope Francis giving his regular ‘Urbi et Orbi’ blessing alone in an empty and rain-swept St Peter’s Square.

On one level, this seems to be exactly the problem I was bemoaning above. However, I also found this an extremely poignant symbol of the importance of corporate prayer and of Pope Francis’ role as leader and pastor of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church. I am sure that it was of huge comfort to many millions of Catholics (and others) to know that the Pope continues to prayer for them and for the world despite his isolation. As with our service offerings on this site, the wonder of broadcast technology means that, even if we’re not joining together in a church building, the living, praying, worshipping Church of Christ Jesus, in all its many forms and denominations, is most emphatically open to one and all.

God bless! Tony

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4 replies on “The building is closed!”

I must congratulate the Ministry Team, Tony, Charlotte and Ingrid for the Video Service I have just watched today 29th March 2020. I found it very inspiring, meaningful and a lovely way to connect us all in these very difficult times. Yes the church buildings may be closed but our chaplaincy is very much alive and through the wonders of technology we have been able to listen to a very uplifting service. I thank you all for your efforts in keeping us all connected.

Thank you to all the “team” for making this service possible for us to share in , within our own home ,
We send our love to you all and to all our many friends in the congregation of ourUnited Church in Nouvelle Aquitaine and beyond. .
Keep well, keep safe, keep the faith
Jackie and George Vellacott

Thank you to the team for making it possible for us to continue to worship together, that was a very good virtual service today, really lovely. And for this new part of the website with daily blogs, it is terrific. Big thanks to you all. Love and blessings, Tina

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