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Hymns of Inspiration – Bramwell

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19. Thine be the glory

The first time I heard, Thine be the glory sung in French I could not quite believe my ears……  À toi la gloire, O Ressuscité! …But of course ressuscité doesn’t mean resuscitated but, rather, resurrected !Jesus was not resuscitated … he was dead, buried and then rose again. 

Thine be the glory is a very popular hymn and its history is an interesting one. It is one of the rare hymns where the tune was written first. 

Handel wrote the melody to be used in his oratorio called Joshua but he liked the tune so much that he put it into his larger work Judas Maccabaeus (1747) and you will find the tune Maccabaeus in our hymn books today. 

The other interesting fact is that the hymn was originally written in French by Edmond L Budry in Lausanne Switzerland in 1884. It was first translated into English by Richard B Hoyle in 1923.

The resurrection of Jesus is the very centre of our faith. Whatever doubts we may harbour about our faith, this is the one thing that is immutable.

St Paul tried to make this clear when he wrote to the people of Corinth. (1 Corinthians 15:13-15)

13 If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. 14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. 15 More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised.

In other words if we do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus then our faith means nothing. Paul goes further and basically says that if there is no resurrection then we are wasting our time and are to be pitied . As lovely as it is to get together in church and meet our friends, if we do not believe in the resurrection then it is all futile. 

Whichever language you sing this hymn in, the essential truth remains the same…….

Christ is risen !

Thine be the glory,
Risen, conqu’ring Son;
Endless is the vict’ry
Thou o’er death hast won!
Angels in bright raiment
Rolled the stone away,
Kept the folded grave-clothes
Where Thy body lay.

Lo, Jesus meets us,
Risen from the tomb!
Lovingly He greets us,
Scatters fear and gloom;
Let His church with gladness,
Hymns of triumph sing,
For the Lord now liveth;
Death hath lost its sting!

No more we doubt Thee,
Glorious Prince of life;
Life is naught without Thee;
Aid us in our strife;
Make us more than conqu’rors,
Through Thy deathless love;
Bring us safe through Jordan
To Thy home above.

Refrain  Thine be the glory,
Risen, conqu’ring Son;
Endless is the vict’ry
Thou o’er death hast won!

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Thank you Bramwell for all these inspirational hymns, stories and information about the hymns, please keep creating them!

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