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Day 8 – Tony

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So, we have now survived two Sundays without being able to meet together in church. It still seems very odd, although there is the advantage that the church I now attend has good heating, a nice comfortable sofa and no-one seems to mind if I turn up in my slippers!

It has been really interesting to see the various offering that have been put online from churches all over the place. I was amazed when I received a message on Sunday evening from someone in Bermuda who had seen our posts and had shared the text of the sermon with the people in his Lent Group!

It has struck me that this situation has had the effect of levelling the playing field between widespread Chaplaincies like ours and single church Chaplaincies elsewhere. It doesn’t matter whether your nearest neighbour is 100 metres away or 100 kilometres, we all still have to find ways of being church individually at home.

Please do keep looking at this site and at the e-bulletins that Amy will be sending out. Charlotte and I are working hard to expand and improve our worship offering. Various of you have said that you would like to see us – so as to get at least an impression of human contact. We are also aware that many would like there to be some music involved. We will have to grapple with the restraints of copyright etc. and also realise that not everyone likes the same sort of music. We are also hoping to find ways of involving more people in our worship so that you don’t get bored of the same voices all the time.

I really hope that, over this time of enforced separation, we will learn exciting new ways of keeping in touch over this large Chaplaincy which will then continue to be of use to us in the future.

Stay hopeful!

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2 replies on “Day 8 – Tony”

Thank you to Tony, Charlotte and other contributors to this website in these difficult times in trying to get us to keep connecting together.

As one is refreshed daily by our connecting together, FULLY AGREE WITH SALLY !! I was reminded of the fact that in Afrikaans, (my mother tongueà “Lent” is called Time of Suffering in Preparation “Lydingstyd” (obviously referring to Christ’s Passion but also to one’s inner struggle of coming to terms with one’s sinfulness and one’s hope in salvation as one journeys toward the Cross and the Redeeming act of grace by Jesus). Furthermore, “Spring” in Afrikaans is called “Lente” …
May this confinement, with the nourishment from our church and Christ’s Church on earth as a whole, be to us an invitation to spiritual and faith revival. I pray that our church will know revival (it seems as though the seeds are being planted …) and that the whole church and our communal life will follow. Doors may open to us, which might before have been shut tight in MANY aspects of our Christianity and our lives. I feel earnestly about this… and I will hope!”

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