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Sunday 23rd January

Daily Prayer via Zoom

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.30am you can join us for Morning Prayer. On Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm you can join us for Evening Prayer.
Please contact: revtonylomas@gmail.com if you require a Zoom link for any of these services.

How churches across the diocese have coped with Lockdown

Please pray for the work of ICS

Why give at this time?

During this time of closed churches, I am sure you will realise that, like every other organisation, the Chaplaincy’s income is likely to diminish.  I am conscious that the UK exchange rate is adding further pressure on many people’s already tight budgets but, whilst it is clear that we will make some savings, for instance from the stopping of clergy travel, our principal costs will continue.  We will, therefore, be particularly grateful if you feel able to make donations (one-off or regular) that might compensate for the loss of ‘plate giving’.   This can be done through your bank by prélèvement  (standing order)  or by our online giving page.  I hope that we all agree that it is important to maintain a strong healthy church during this trying period and so I encourage everyone to continue to play their part in the financing of our pastoral work and worship. 
Thank you!   Tony

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