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Chancelade & Négrondes

Chancelade & Négrondes Home

All are welcome to join us on Sunday 22nd September at 10:30am, at the church in Négrondes, for a Family Service led by Patrick Sturges.

Les Voix de la Bible: reading in Périgueux cathedral

Chapelle St Jean

Worship Services are held in two churches:

The Chapelle Saint Jean in Chancelade is located six kilometers to the west of Perigueux. Chancelade was the historic capital of the Dordogne and its abbey was founded in the early 12th Century. The Chapelle St Jean was the first building to be erected to provide those working on the Abbey with a place of worship.


The Church in Négrondes is located between Thiviers and Perigueux on the N21 north of Perigueux and Sorges. Services were previously held in the village church of Sorges.


Our Members are drawn from the north-east, north, and central Dordogne.


Church of England forms of worship are used for all services. Holy Communion is celebrated every third Sunday at Chancelade at 10:30 am. A Family Service is held every second Sunday in the church of Négrondes at 10:30 am, and a Holy Communion service is held every fourth Sunday at Négrondes at 10:30 am. Please see the Services page for more details.


Contact Information

Liz Oaten on 05 53 05 42 76 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patrick Sturges on 05 53 35 48 09 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Services and Events

church curtains

Forthcoming services

Sunday 22 September - Négrondes, 10:30 Family Service, Patrick Sturges

Sunday 13 October - Négrondes, 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Brian Davies

Sunday 20 October - Chancelade, 10:30 Harvest Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

Sunday 27 October - Négrondes, 10:30 Harvest Family Service, Patrick Sturges (reminder: clocks -1)

Sunday 10 November - Négrondes, 10:30 Remembrance Holy Communion

Sunday 17 November - Chancelade, 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Charlotte Sullivan

Sunday 24 November - Négrondes, 10:30 Family Service, Sheila Marshall


'Simply Sewing' - come along and sew with us!

sewing cushions for churchJoin us for a meeting of the 'Simply Sewing' group is held on Tuesdays chez Elizabeth Brook in Saint Jory las Bloux, NE of Périgueux (24160). We are currently working on an altar cloth, which is progressing well. Lots of things to go to social and study/discussions. Do come along, everyone has something to contribute and it all helps us to grow in understanding of our faith and each other; it is a time spent together of great value.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth on 05 53 52 50 91 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Sunday School

Sunday School can be provided during our Family Service on the fourth Sunday of each month. Children are invited to go to the activity table at the back of the church during the sermon. There, they are encouraged to discover more about our great big God! The children are more confident to leave their parents, knowing they are still close by, rather than taking them to a separate room. We look forward to welcoming your children soon. You are welcome to contact Alexandra Billing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the abilities of your children so that appropriate activities maybe planned to suit their individual needs.


House Group Meetings in Sorges

A new home group has started meeting in Sorges, at the home of Patrick and Penny Sturges, at various dates and times. All are welcome to attend. Religious subjects will be discussed, but also general living problems and current social difficulties.

We do hope you will be inspired to join us, for more information please phone Patrick Sturges on 05 53 35 48 09.


About us...

At the Chancelade and Négrondes churches, we are a bit like a box of chocolates. Some dark and bitter, some creamy and milky and a few white and very sweet. Likewise our churches are varied - soft, hard, crunchy and creamy. A wonderful mixture! - lets's all keep it that way, and join together to exchange our different ways of doing and seeing things. This will enrich our lives and especially our worship.


Contributions to the website 

Frances Pengelly and Elizabeth Brook are responsible for all local communications and web site entries for the Congregations at Chancelade and Négrondes. So please submit all material and all updates for this page to them on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Les Voix de la Bible: reading in Périgueux cathedral


Blessed Christmas Carol services


October Quiz evening

Last month we had a quiz evening and although we were few in number owing to many friends either out of the country or bed-bound with unwelcome germs. The event was to raise funds to aid the victims of the Indonesian Tsunami, as yet there are still some monies to come in but it’s looking like about 400€. Very many thanks to all for your support. To those under par we hope to see you back amongst us soon.


Successful summer fundraising evenings

Our September BBQ went very well at Liz Oaten’s. Everyone enjoyed the surroundings and the very tasty food provided by the congregation. Colourful salads and well cooked meat and the puddings were out of this world! The sum of 410.25 € was raised and will be divided between ‘All is One’ charity and the Chaplaincy. We thank Liz and Cedric for their kindness in letting us use their facilities and garden.

Our July Curry Evening was a delightful event. There were many new faces round the tables French, Belgium, and British. All of us enjoyed being on the Brook’s lovely terrace. On behalf of our team at Négrondes. We would like to thank Elizabeth and Philip for their kindness in having the Curry Evening in such beautiful surroundings. We also managed to raise a good contribution to church funds. Well done and thanks to all the helpers and various donations towards making this such a successful evening.


New Négrondes church curtains dedicated by Tony

The new curtains for Négrondes church were dedicated by Tony at the service on Sunday 10th June, and we hope they will be a blessing to us all. They are a splendid pair of curtains to cover the main door into the church, sealing off some of the draughts in winter and providing the church with a lovely and inspiring creation. It has been quite a journey, as we have been meeting regularly, sorting fabrics, sewing patches and then deciding where they would go, it has been great fun, and sometimes frustration, but through it all we have worked together and individually getting to know a little more about each other, a closer bonding, a time of sharing and caring.

Our love, thanks and admiration for all those who played a part in their creation, installation, and dedication.


Successful Sorges Brocante

One successful fund raiser was our stall at the Brocante in Sorges. Our friends brought goods to sell, they manned the  stall, brought good food to share at lunchtime and Praise God we only had one light shower that in no way dampened spirits, a goodly sum of €367 was raised for church funds. Very many thanks to all of you that contributed to the success and fun of the day.


Easter blessings and reflections

On Good Friday, we followed the Stations of Cross in a quiet thoughtful way, remembering Christ’s suffering at the trial and on the cross, but the service on Easter Sunday was joyful and relaxed. After our service on Easter Sunday our small congregation had a bring and share lunch at Saint Jory las Bloux, which is a lovely little cosy community centre. It had a warm feeling about it, and as usual the table was filled with good food.  

We always say ‘you could not eat better than this, even if you were going out to a resturant’. In the end though, it’s not about what we eat, it’s all about community spirit, and making the effort to positively enjoy the company of our fellow churchgoers which we did.

Let’s enjoy each day for it’s self the garden will have to wait a bit longer and it will soon be full of colour and new life, the beech trees near us are starting to flourish each day the woods becoming thicker, such a joy to see the changes of nature. We have much to enjoy and praise in this part of France so let’s all make that effort to also share with others the very best thing that happened to us, knowing Jesus.


Positive Local Annual Meeting - Feb 18th

local annual meetingThe overall feeling is that over the past year, the Centre seems to have been managing well without a Warden or Committee. Our thanks go to everyone at Chancelade and Negrondes who has stepped into the breach this last year and forward thanks to those who keep doing so. Bless all of you.

Licensed Lay Minister, Patrick Sturges, proposed thanks to the clergy who have travelled long distances to preside at our Services, especially to Rev'd Stephen and Anthea Traves who moved back to England last year. He said that the special services, such as Sea Sunday and Harvest Festival, had been well supported. 

Patrick felt that our fellowship came together as a Christian family, even without a committee.

Elizabeth Brook offered to be a co-ordinator for Négrondes, Veronica for Chancelade (which she has been doing already) and Liz Oaten will be the Centre Secretary to deal with Admin. Iain McGrory volunteered to be part of Chap-Aid along with Treasurer responsibilities.

Sadly we heard on arrival home after the meeting that one of our members had gone to be with her Lord. Dear Ann Morgan, our organist of some years, but more recently in a care home, left us Sunday morning peacefully.


patchwork curtain pieces

Patchwork curtain sewing project underway

Using these patchwork pieces, the women at Négrondes are working towards a curtain for the main door of the church.

If you are interested in helping to create more pieces, please contact Penny Sturges on: 05 53 35 48 09, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Joyous Carols and Christmas celebrations!!

The Christmas Carol Service at the Abbey in Chancelade was a moving event. As usual, 'Variations' Choir gave us some lovely renderings of much loved carols. Afterwards we all ate mince pies and mulled wine in the Vestry. Thanks go out to all those who gave up their afternoon and volunteered to help with the feast.

We began our local Christmas at Négrondes, decorating the church. This was great fun and the church looked lovely. Somehow it knitted everyone together as did our Carol Service on the evening of the 20th. We were very pleased to have so many French in the congregation. The Church really looked lovely with a tree and greenery and many of us had made little figures of kings, shepherds and even sheep. Thanks go out to all who decorated the church, spent time making figures, and generally helping the evening get on its way. Some of the French ladies commented on our bright and welcoming decorations, and thanked us for such a warm welcome.


Annual September BBQ sunny and well attended

On Saturday 2 September we had our annual BBQ at Elizabeth Oaten’s house. Many thanks to her for all the preliminary work setting up tables and generally organising the meat and the cooking, which was a big job. The paying guests brought lovely food, and the whole day was most enjoyable. We were lucky with the weather, and it turned into a sunny day after rather a dull early morning. A total of 375 € was earned, which was shared as following: 225 € went to our charity 'All as One', an orphanage in Sierra Leone run by nuns. After all the flooding life must be very hard and miserable for them all. A further 150 € was given to the Chaplaincy.


Encouraging talk on Miracles at August service

The Négrondes service on the 13th August was led by Patrick Sturges and he opened our eyes to miracles, how many miracles can sometimes be ordinary things made super special , wonderful, exceptional, by the many small contributions of other peoples generosity and love. This is not to denigrate the miracles of the Bible but to open our eyes to the posibilites that we are living in the same age and they are and can continue to happen. After the service there was a bring and share lunch chez Brook at their new home.


Farewell to our dear friend Jacqueline Morgan

memorial serviceFor many in our area we had the very sad news of our dear friend Jacqueline Morgan's death from cancer, she fought a long and brave battle but in the end the call came and we are sure she is in heavenly realm making new friends there.

There was a memorial service for her at Chancelade on the same day as the funeral in the UK, Thursday 13th July. This was led by Rev'd Tony Lomas. Dr. Jacqueline Mary Morgan had been suffering from cancer and bore her suffering with laughter and fun and a positivity, never a word of complaint did we hear. The lovely home she and Rev'd John had in Bourdeilles was a haven she hoped to return to, her beautiful garden that she had created, the tranquility of the river running by. Surely her spirit will rest there God willing. She will be missed by many.


Another successful June Strawberry Tea!!

The ‘not to be missed’ Strawberry Tea on June 10th was a success, with lovely hot weather, delightful company and beautiful surroundings in Liz and Cedric's garden setting. About 40 people attended, 80 € made on plants, and a total of 536 € was earned for the Chaplaincy. Thanks to Liz and Cedric for their hospitality, and all who gave their time up to help, you were much appreciated.



Brocante in Sorges: Thursday May 25th

Sorges Brocante, what a hot day to be sitting in the sun and trying to sell beautiful things to various folks that passed our way and they already have plenty of everything! However we enjoyed each other's company. The Brocante and Belloc church weekend clashed, as did various of our fellowship being on holiday so we were very few, just 2 of us selling our wares.

Patrick and Penny, as is their way, opened their home and we were joined by various friends and enjoyed a bring and share lunch together. We all noted that this year there were many more activities  over the region so quite some competition for attendance, c'est la vie, we enjoyed our day meeting old friends and new. We received donations of a little over €180 for church funds.


Active in ecumenical events

les voix de la bibleOur church has been active in the work of the Bishop of Perigueux's ecumenical committee - by contributing and taking part in a service of Passion readings in the Cathedral on Good Friday and having twelve of our church family, with two from Bertric Buree, taking part in the 'Les Voix de la Bible' non-stop reading of the Bible in the Cathedral between 9th and 12th May. As in past years, we are most grateful for the hard work of Veronica Dare-Bryan who plans the input of the Anglican team for this annual event. One of twelve descriptive panels prepared for the 'Voix de la Bible', prepared by different members of the ecumenical committee, has been one describing the Anglican Communion. This has been on display throughout the period of the reading and was prepared jointly by the Chaplain and Patrick Sturges.


Easter services at our church

palm sundayWe had a lovely Palm Sunday service with Janis Adams, which included a short procession around Négrondes church.

Our Easter service was led by Father Steven Traves, his last here in France before returning with his wife Anthea to the UK. The service at the Chapel St Jean, Chancelade was a lovely joyful service and the chapel looked beautiful with easter flowers. 

The service was followed by a bring and share lunch at the home of Liz Oaten  which was as ever a vey happy time with great food. Gifts and cards were given to Steven and Andrea along with many good wishes for their future in Britain.

Watch this space for more photos to come.





Sunday 17 November - 10:30 Holy Communion