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Bishop Robert's 2020 Lent Appeal - building a classroom in Kenya

You can give money to this appeal through the local Treasurer of your church, or the Chap-Aid Treasurer, who can be reached on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

diocese in europe+ Bishop Robert writes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Classroom Building Appeal – Diocese of Mumias, Kenya

2020 is the year of the Lambeth Conference. Some 600 Anglican bishops from all over the world will gather together in Canterbury in July. Last summer, I was privileged to take part in a preparatory pilgrimage that brought together 15 of these bishops and spouses.

One of those with whom I shared the pilgrimage was Joseph Wandera, Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Mumias in Kenya. I had previously met Joseph at a Carol Service in our chaplaincy in The Hague. Joseph had studied at advanced level in the Netherlands and was visiting the Hague to examine research theses in theology. I was impressed by +Joseph’s sensitivity, care and courage in working in frequently tough conditions with very limited resources.

In view of this being a special year for the Anglican Communion, I invited Bishop Joseph to suggest a project in his diocese which could be the subject of his appeal. I therefore join with Bishop Joseph in inviting us to help raise funds for a new classroom at the Bishop Hanningtone Memorial Academy being built by the diocese of Mumias.

The Challenge

lent appealIn 2013 the Kenyan government introduced a policy of free primary education. This has led to big increases in the numbers of children enrolled in schools. All the evidence suggests that improving primary school participation rates is a key factor in development and wellbeing.

However, the number of teachers has not increased and classrooms are congested. Some classes have as many as 150 pupils with students sharing desks. In other cases, a shortage of buildings means children trying to learn outside, despite the vagaries of the weather.

The Opportunity

Aware of this challenge, the Anglican Diocese of Mumias has established the Bishop Hanningtone Academy as their contribution towards better quality primary education in a Christian context. Their current enrolment stands at 38. The school currently consists of just one block with two classrooms, with a third room serving as the administrative wing. At present, they have three grades, Kindergarten, Grade One and Grade Two, and the Diocese employs three teachers.

The Bishop and Diocese would love to expand the school. To do that, they need to build more classrooms.

childrenThe Appeal

Bishop Joseph estimates it will cost 20,000USD to build and furnish a new classroom. (That is very good value by Western European standards!)

Our Lent Appeal could therefore go most of the way to constructing a very tangible expansion of the Diocese of Mumbias’s mission to educate primary school children.


We expect recipients of appeals to meet safeguarding standards. Bishop Joseph has sent me a copy of their safeguarding policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, approved in June 2019 by the Mumias Diocesan Synod, which I have shown to our own Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor.

(To donate to the Bishop Hanningtone School Classroom Building Appeal please send money via your local church treasurer, or the Chap-Aid Treasurer, who can be reached on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

I wish you a holy Lent.

With every blessing,

+Robert Gibraltar in Europe

P.S…A Note Regarding Future Appeals

I would very much like my next Appeal to come from within our own diocese. If you have a charitable cause in the field of social mission, preferably run by or in partnership with one of our own chaplaincies, please do discuss with your Archdeacon and then send me details.