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Dronne Valley church at Bertric Burée

Bertric Burée Home


Next service: Join us on Sunday 27th May at 10:30am for a service of Holy Communion led by Rev'd Tony Lomas. All are welcome!


Bertric Burée

L'Eglise Saint Pierre - Saint Paul lies in the centre of the village and can be seen for miles around. The village is just off the D708 between Riberac and Verteillac. Previously we met either in the nearby town of Riberac or in the village of Chapdeuil. Our members are drawn from across the north west of the Dordogne and from part of the Charente.

Church of England forms of worship are used for all services. Congregations of over 40 are usual throughout the year, growing for major festivals. Music to suit all tastes is provided by the choir, organ or the music group. Our musicians and singers meet at least once a month to learn new hymns and to practice old ones as well as songs for the coming services. We have a new organ to support worship in our church.

Our service schedule:

1st Sunday: Service of the Word: 10:30

1st Sunday: Evensong: 18:00 from April (16:00 in winter)

2nd Sunday: Holy Communion + Sunday School: 10:30

2nd Wednesday: Holy Communion: 11:00

3rd Sunday: Family Service: 10:30

4th Sunday: Holy Communion + Sunday School: 10:30

5th Sunday: Prayer and Praise: 10:30

Monthly events and activities: 3 Home Groups meet regularly in the Riberac area to read and study the bible, pray and often share a meal together. Throughout the year, events such as the Summer Fête, Harvest Supper and a Barn Dance provide events for regular members and new friends to meet and enjoy social activities. Each month there is an organised walk of up to 12kms. We meet at around 10.30am with a picnic lunch and enjoy getting to know each other and the local countryside better. From time to time, some of the congregation meet for lunch following the midweek service in the nearby restaurant. More details are found on the Services & Events tab.

Pastoral Care Group We can provide company, hospital visits, a phone call, a shoulder to cry on and hopefully much more. We really would appreciate being informed of perceived needs so that where possible we can be of help.

Contact Information

The Dronne Valley local wardens are:

Rosemary Robinson: 05 53 91 45 15 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Steve Long: 05 53 91 96 48 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Bertric Burée News

Super Rock and Roll Evening in April

The Rock and Roll Night was such a good night! With music from the 50's and 60's organised by Kathy and Mark Carter, with Ann and Dave Knight serving beef burgers and chips, whilst David Jackson presided over the bar and Steve Long manning the music desk (sporting a very fetching red wig and green spectacles). It is always a surprise how our Fund Raising team always find new and fun things to organise. The best way to raise money is to make it enjoyable for those giving!

The couple who won the bottle of wine for the best costume of the 50s/60s was Emily and Andy. Brian had a recent birthday, and was given best wishes and a birthday cake.

The proceeds of the night will go towards paying for the double-glazed windows recently installed in the Upper Room.


Joyous Easter morning!

We started the happy day with a Sunrise Service of Joy, at 7.30am in the garden of the Upper Room, organised by Ann Knight, with Steve Long on guitar. No rain, and a beautiful sunrise which, following all the rain in the previous week was an added bonus. The service was followed by a fantastic full English Breakfast, for which we were all more than ready! Thanks to Ann and Dave Knight, and Mark Carter. The Upper Room was so cosy, thanks to the new double glazed windows (we are still fundraising to cover this cost).

Following on at 10.30am, Our Easter Sunday Communion Service,  with the Rev'd Andy Horlock, was on the theme of HOPE, and asked us what would we put in our bag labelled HOPE. Andy gave us some examples of his own. Our little church was full to capacity, with a congregation of over 120. Many of whom joined us for coffee in the Upper Room after the Service. What a delight to welcome old friends, new faces, and visiting guests!


Confirmation at Bertric Burée - Sun 18th March

Bishop Robert had a busy weekend: having ordained Charlotte so joyously on Saturday 17th in Bordeaux we were pleased to welcome at Bertric Burée to confirm nine candidates on Sunday 18th where the church had been beautifully decorated.

Our Chaplain, Rev'd Tony Lomas and Ingrid, had hosted Bishop Robert and his wife Helen, as well as masterminding the two celebrations. The candidates’ ages ranged from 13 to 80, eight from Bertric Burée and one, the youngest, from the Vendée was prepared and presented by Rev'd Hazel Door. The local candidates were prepared and presented by the Rev'd Brian Davies.

At the main door of the church Bishop Robert prayed with them over water to remind us all of our baptism and entry into the church then sprinkled the candidates with water from the font. The group returned to the front for the confirmation and anointing with holy oil. The candidates were then presented to the 98 members of the congregation who welcomed them with a long and loud round of applause before we all shared in communion.

There was a photo call after with the new communicants, Bishop Robert, the clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers/Readers enjoying the sunshine on a rather chilly day before the majority retired to the Foyer where we enjoyed a sumptuous ‘Bring and Share’ lunch.


Encouraging February Local Annual Meeting

local annual meetingWe had a good turn out for our service and our  LAM this Sunday following a Communion Service with the Revd. Tony Lomas, despite the freezing weather . It is always a pleasure to welcome Tony and Ingrid to our Church.  All the posts were filled, apart from Environmental and Stewardship Officers, to be sought following this meeting. 

Our thanks goes to David Jackson for the enormous amount of work he did in 2017 helping to raise wareness of the plight of the refugees in France, and collecting van loads of clothing and household items and delivering them to the distribution centres. This on top of his work with our book barn, a popular place of outreach, as people are often introduced to our church through a vist to the barn. David has managed all of whilst being our Stewardship Officer. Enjoy a rest David in 2018!

We thank God for willing volunteers who have accepted the important posts of Wardens, following the necessary resignation of Mike Duncan, who has been our Warden for 6 years, has worked tirelessly and selflessly for our church, and has been interim Treasurer also since the early retirement of our previous Treasurer.  Rosemary Robinson and Steve Long have accepted the posts of warden, and Peter Robinson is to be our new Treasurer. Very important also was the retirement of Mary Eldon who has been our Committee Secretary for 11 years! Her efficiency and dedication has been immense and we are so grateful for her self-effacing service to our church. Mary’s work will be taken over by Jenny Long, thank you Jenny.

The LAM was followed by our monthly Bring and Share lunch, in the Upper Room, delayed this month to coincide with the LAM. As most will remember, it was an extremely cold day, and we were all very grateful that many friends thought to bring hot food, which we could keep hot thanks to our excellent kitchen.


Lovely Lenten Lunch and Valentine's Day dinner

A lovely Lenten Lunch and our Valentine’s Dinner held in the Upper Room ! This was a little bizarre, as some of us went to the first Lenten Lunch hosted by Pam and Mike Duncan at their home, it being Ash Wednesday of course and then went on to the Valentine’s Dinner. The Lenten Lunch raised 110 € for the Bishop's Appeal.

The Valentine's Dinner was wonderful, and a sincere thanks goes to the cooks, Dave and Ann Knight, and the organisers, Kathy and Mark Carter, as this was not intended to be a fund-raising event but purely a social event, and thanks to those who support the fund-raising events throughout the year. Congratulations for beautifully decorated rooms and tables, and gourmet food on a tight budget! We are so blessed to have such dedicated and nice people without whom we would not be able to raise the money we do, for our church and charities.


Wonderful Christian Unity service in Ribérac

‘Your right hand O Lord, glorious in power’ - ‘Ta main droite Seigneur, éclatante de puissance’ inspired by Exodus 15:6, with liturgy prepared by the different churches of the Caribbean. This was the theme of the annual ecumenical service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, held in the chapel of Ribérac hospital.

The symbolic chains of slavery brought home the message of a plight still suffered by countless thousands across the globe today.

The message was mirrored in music, songs, readings and prayers. Our Chaplain, Tony Lomas delivered a thought-provoking sermon in French, with a short resumée in English, stressing the ways slavery still manifests itself in today’s society. The service was led by Rev'd Tony Lomas, Père Philippe Doumenge, Pasteur Pierrot Munch, Diacre Marc Lafargue and Sheila Marshall, with musicians Keith Lowe, Pascale Courmont, and Vincent Drouot.

Ministers and congregation held hands in a human chain of solidarity and unity, as the service drew to a close, singing ‘Notre Père’ – a very moving moment.


Festive Christmas Carol service with 'Variations' choir

On Thursday 7 December at 18.00h at the church in Ribérac, the Rev'd Tony Lomas, together with Sheila Marshall led a wonderful service of Christmas lessons and carols. This annual celebration was led by the choir of Variations, organ played by Keith Lowe. After the service mince pies and mulled wine, all made, prepared and served by members of our Dronne Valley Church, was enjoyed by the congregation. It was good to see some French people amongst our gathering. With love and peace for this Christmas and, and wishing you God’s blessings on you all this coming year.


Great November Christmas Market

Great day on Saturday Nov 18th for our Christmas Market fundraiser. We were blessed with a bright sunny day and many visitors. A lot of hard work over a long period by a handful of people, but thanks especially to Marie Rickets for all the organising of the event. She invited other appropriate stall holders to join us and, because of the past success, we had more requests that we had room for. The overflow went to the Upper Room, resulting in many stalls bursting with Christmas goodies, many of which were cooked or handmade by our members, ranging from crackers, puddings, cakes and gifts. Refreshments and mulled wine added to the festive ambience, and the bacon butties, well, they’re always a treat. Pam Duncan made many Christmas cakes for sale, and one beauty, already iced, for the "guess the weight” competition.

An enormous contribution to the overall warm and festive atmosphere unfortunately cannot be shown in pictures, as it was the music provided throughout the day, by Steve Long. Such a great choice! An eclectic mix of Carols and Christmas songs to put us all in the right mood.

The success of the day was measured in shared fellowship with church friends and especially with visitors and friends from further afield. At the end of the day there was a mellow satisfied feeling and a further 1,860€ to be contributed to the work of our church in ministry and mission here in Aquitaine. Well done everyone and heartfelt thanks to all.

Terrific Trivia Quiz Night!

quiz nightThe Trivia Quiz Night, was organised by Kathy and Mark Carter, with the enormous help of Ann and Dave Knight in the kitchen, as usual! The sum of over 400€  was raised for church funds, whilst a great time was had by over 40 participants. Fortunately for most of us, winning was not important as was having a sociable evening with friends, of course. Kathy did a brilliant job as the quiz master. One of the other draws had to be the supper, the ubiquitous English sausages and mash, beautifully cooked and followed by a fruit sponge and cream.
Congratulations to the winning team, who were each presented with a medal and a small bottle of wine, whilst the table at the bottom of the leader board each received a dunce's hat. To save anyone’s blushes, of either pride or embarrassment only the trophies themselves were photographed!


Treasures at the September Jumble Sale

You either loathe them or love them. You either need to be enticed with promises of bacon butties, coffee and cake or you're champing at the bit till the doors open and the treasure hunt can begin. Treasure hunt? Have we had a treasure hunt recently?

One person's rubbish is another person's treasure. Whatever your feelings, the recent Jumble Sale in the Upper Room at Bertric Burée was undoubtedly a great success. The great delight of a Jumble Sale is that you never know what to expect or what you might find, an item of clothing, a book or some bric-a- brac, all for the price of a few euros. Okay, you didn't know you needed it, but you love it at first sight!

That is the joy of a jumble sale: nothing better than sitting in the sunshine drinking coffee, eating squidgy chocolate cake and all in a companionable ambiance. For those whose blood pressure doesn't rise at the thought of rummaging amongst cast offs, the delights of bacon butties and delicious cakes were there to enjoy.


Click here for the "Bertric Burée Church Previous News" page




 Forthcoming services 

Sunday 27 May - 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

Sunday 03 June - 10:30 Service of the Word, Trevor Hodgkiss

Sunday 03 June - 18:00 Evensong, Sheila Marshall

Sunday 10 June - 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Brian Davies

Wednesday 13 June - 11:00 BCP Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

Sunday 17 June - 10:30 Family Service, Janis Adams

Sunday 24 June - 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Andy Horlock

Sunday 01 July - 10:30 Service of the Word, Steve Long

Sunday 01 July - 18:00 Evensong, Sheila Marshall

Sunday 08 July - 10:30 Holy Communion, Ven. Chris Sims

Wednesday 11 July - 11:00 BCP Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

Sunday 15 July - 10:30 Family Service, Janis Adams

Sunday 22 July - 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Andy Horlock

Sunday 30 July - 10:30 Special Service, led by the Home Group (Verteillac, Mike Duncan)

*** Please join us for tea and coffee after each of the Sunday services ***


Prayer Ministry available - look for white dove badge

prayer ministryPrayer ministry is offered at Bertric Burée by members of the team at the services on Sundays in the side chapel. Please take advantage of this for anything for which you would like prayer support.

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays this is available after the service and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays during the serving of communion. Also, Prayer ministry is available after each service in the Upper Room.To help you to identify members of the team, we will be wearing these white dove badges.

If you have any questions about prayer ministry or any ideas or suggestions, please contact Cathy and Brian, or speak to another member of the team. Cathy and Brian Wheatcroft 05 53 90 62 85 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


August Sunday School Fun

sunday school

Alexandra and Michael led the Sunday School on 24th August and shared their art work and ideas on light when they returned. Many of the congregation were able to help them sing 'This little light of mine' which they had learnt during their time.

Sunday School is temporarily on hold, but we will feature an update soon about plans for youth ministry at our church. Children are welcome at all our services, there are activity bags, books, bulletin sheets and toys for them. The Family Service on the third Sunday, and children and families are welcome to attend any service.



Wednesday Prayer Group

All are invited to join those who meet to pray for ourselves and our church on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month between 5 and 6 pm in church. We look forward to seeing you. Please phone a warden for more information.





Christian Aid week Afternoon Tea fundraiser: Sat 19th May

christian aidIt’ll soon be Christian Aid Week and we hope that you’ll join the Duncans for Afternoon Tea from 15:00 on Saturday 19th May 2018. 

Yes we know it’s the Royal Wedding and the Cup Final but this is important too! It is always possible to see a recording later, if not yours, a kind friend's! (recordings will be made of both.)

Early reservations are requested. A minimum of 10€ is requested and all of it will be donated to Christian Aid by Pam and Mike. 

For info: 05 53 91 30 64‬ or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Knit and Natter Group - 3rd and 4th Thursday of each month

We meet in the Upper Room from 2-4pm, on the 3rd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

At the moment, we are blessed with a lot of donated knitting yarn and are busy making items for sale and for charity. The main charity that we are supporting is ‘Knit for Peace’ www.knitforpeace.org.uk which sends knitted garments to people in need, whether in Britain or abroad. It has also been suggested that we make blankets for ‘Phoenix’, and we have been asked to knit plain, simple hats for the Mediterranean Mission for Seafarers in Gibraltar.

Of course, if anyone would rather just knit for themselves, that is fine too. We are a group of ladies, with differing abilities, who enjoy chatting to each other and helping each other out with knitting problems. We all learn from each other. If anyone else would like to join us for knitting, crocheting, or just nattering they are very welcome.

Please come along if you can knit, crochet or just want a natter. If you would like to learn about knitting and crocheting, come and see us. We have a few ideas of things to make as a group but if you would rather do your own thing, then that would be fine too. If you need any more details please contact Jean Stocks at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Craft Group: 3rd Thursday of each month

The craft group will now meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Upper Room at Bertric Burée, at 2pm.

There is no need for any particular skill or craft. Just come for a chat and tea and cake. For more details, please contact Cilla on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 05 53 91 88 71.



Monthly Randonnée: or "Stroll to Lunch" if you like

Organised walks are scheduled to take place once per month, in various locations. Suggestions are always welcome!

For more details, please contact Sheila Marshall 05 53 90 95 69, or Jaki Moorhouse on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Pastoral Care

We can provide company, hospital visits, a phone call, a shoulder to cry on and hopefully much more.

We really would appreciate being informed of perceived needs so that where possible we can be of help. If you know of anyone who would welcome a visit or call, please contact Elizabeth Faulkner on 05 45 98 41 25 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can arrange for a member of the team to help out.

If you need help from Cancer Support France (by English speakers for English speakers) your contacts are 06 43 67 86 11 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Cancer Support France).


Secours Catholique

Secours CatholiqueThis is a charity we support annually with our Harvest Gifts. They are based in Riberac and run by the Catholic Church to help those in need. The committee agreed that it would be a good idea if we could make a regular donation to them. This is an excellent way to support the local people.

Geoff Cogger has volunteered to be responsible for ‘the box’ and delivery to the Secours Catholique and is providing a collecting box at the back of church for your donations of tinned, dried goods, toiletries etc. Please remember to bring a packet or tin – in date please – to fill the box!

Try leaving something in your car - somewhere obvious - after the weekly shop as an 'aide mémoire'!



Home Groups

Home Groups in the Dronne Valley

home groups

Home Groups  are a key part of Dronne Valley church life -

There are four to choose from:

- Alternate Tuesday mornings near Verteillac: 10.00 for 10.30am. All are welcome. For more information contact Mike Duncan: 05 53 91 30 64

- Alternate Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm near Ribérac. For dates and location please contact Gwyneth Marison 05 45 24 06 89

- Fortnightly on Tuesday mornings, 10.00 for 10.30am. For dates and venue this month please contact Brian Cook on 05 45 98 43 00

- Fortnightly on Thursdays at 2.00pm at Ann Knight’s home, Chez Foucaud, Montboyer, between Chalais and Montmoreau. Contact Ann for dates and directions – Ann Knight 05 45 98 22 17

The groups are made up of friendly people who get together to talk over a small part of the Bible or another Christian book and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake. All of the groups are keen to welcome newcomers, but it’s a good idea to phone, so that we know you’re coming.


News from Thursday Home Group chez Ann Knight

home groupOur home group has grown over the years in terms of numbers and spiritual growth. We endeavour to be a support mechanism to each other and can pray for specific needs. We’ve been studying ‘What’s so Amazing about Grace’ by Philip Yancey. 

We are looking forward to starting a new study soon as we’ve been doing this one for over twelve months now! Very good and quite challenging. We’re thinking of ‘Chocolat’ something that was suggested by Margaret.  We’ve also got a study on the ‘Bride of Christ’ relating the old Jewish traditional wedding which relates to specific biblical text, which could also be very interesting.

For dates and directions please contact Ann on 05 45 98 22 17 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Sunday 03 November - 10:30 Service of the Word

Sunday 03 November - 16:00 Evensong

Sunday 10 November - 10:30 Holy Communion

Wed 13 November -11:00 BCP Holy Communion

Sunday 17 November - 10:30 All Age Worship

Sunday 24 Nov - 10:30 Holy Communion