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Dronne Valley church at Bertric Burée

Bertric Burée Home

christmas carols

Next service: Join us on Sunday 16th Dec at 10:30am for a Family Service led by Janis Adams. All are welcome!

Join us for our next Christmas Carol service:

- Sunday 23rd December (16:00) - Bertric Burée church

and our Christmas Day service: 10:30am, Rev'd Tony Lomas


Bertric Burée

L'Eglise Saint Pierre - Saint Paul  lies in the centre of the village and can be seen for miles around. The village is just off the D708 between Riberac and Verteillac. Previously we met either in the nearby town of Riberac or in the village of Chapdeuil. Our members are drawn from across the north west of the Dordogne and from part of the Charente.

Church of England  forms of worship are used for all services. Congregations of over 40 are usual throughout the year, growing for major festivals. Music to suit all tastes is provided by the choir, organ or the music group. Our musicians and singers meet at least once a month to learn new hymns and to practice old ones as well as songs for the coming services. We have a new organ to support worship in our church.

Our service schedule:

1st Sunday: Service of the Word: 10:30

1st Sunday: Evensong: 18:00 from April (16:00 in winter)

2nd Sunday: Holy Communion + Sunday School: 10:30

2nd Wednesday: Holy Communion: 11:00

3rd Sunday: Family Service: 10:30

4th Sunday: Holy Communion + Sunday School: 10:30

5th Sunday: Prayer and Praise: 10:30

Monthly events and activities:  3 Home Groups meet regularly in the Riberac area to read and study the Bible, pray and often share a meal together. Throughout the year, events such as the Summer Fête, Harvest Supper and a Barn Dance provide events for regular members and new friends to meet and enjoy social activities. During the summer months our informal walking group is at its most active, meeting at about 10:30am once a month to enjoy a walk alongside our dogs before meeting up with others who are unable to walk for a convivial lunch together in a local restaurant. All are welcomed for one walk or more. Our church and social events are also advertised in DVN (Dronne Valley Network).

Pastoral Care Group  We can provide company, hospital visits, a phone call, a shoulder to cry on and hopefully much more. We really would appreciate being informed of perceived needs so that where possible we can be of help.

Contact Information

The Dronne Valley local wardens are:

Rosemary Robinson: 05 53 91 45 15 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Steve Long: 05 53 91 96 48 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Bertric Burée News

Lovely Thanksgiving meal

thanksgivingOur Thanksgiving meal followed a service lead by Trevor Hodgkiss, a very powerful address discussing the Second Coming of Christ, and the need to take the message out to the community and not to think that Christianity is just for Sundays. This was followed aptly by the American Thanksgiving Dinner, including some guests who were not regular church goers.

Thanks to our usual dedicated team, Ann, Dave, Kathy and Mark, plus other helpers from our Upper Room Committee, the event was well planned and the dinner was excellent. We have come to expect this, but need to remember how much work beforehand and on the day itself is done by everyone involved. Thank you all who made the occasion such a success!


Terrific 1970s disco dance night!

What a splendid night! Thanks to  Anne and Dave, Kathy and Mark and Steve, who put together all the music and the visuals,  to mention just the main stalwarts that organised and ran this amazing evening! Thanks to everyone else who helped but were not visible to us. A professional team could not have put on a better evening, of fun, music,  learning how to do the Hustle, and the supper, chicken and chips in a basket (very 1970s!), which was well cooked and a dessert, which was unexpected...trifle no less!

They say every picture tells a story, and the story this evening was.. we members of Bertric Burée church know how to have a good time and encourage our friends to do the same! To those of you who missed out, don’t leave it too late to book your place next time!

To top it all, the night made 512€ for our Church funds, thanks to everyone who made it happen, and to everyone who came. We couldn’t have done it without you! This has got to be a fun way to raise funds! So here’s to the next time!


What a wonderful, uplifting Harvest Festival!

During the service, Andy reminded us all how grateful to God we should be for the wonderful world we share and the bounty we receive from the harvest. Also we were reminded that we should trust in the Lord as, if he cares for the small things, the birds and the flowers in the fields, how much more does He love and care for us, His greatest creation, for whom he gave his only Son, to save us. We were asked to bring our thanksgiving offerings to the altar during the first hymn, all of which will go to the Croix Rouge in Ribérac, for those less fortunate than ourselves. 

The service was followed by coffee, then our monthly Bring & Share lunch. A magnificent spread, including many dishes using seasonal fruits and vegetables, appropriate for the day! One of our French visitors commented that she loved how there is so much participation by the congregation, responses and enthusiastic hymn singing! She was overwhelmed by the friendship and smiles, loved the shared lunch, despite the noise of about 40 people chatting and laughing, and pronounced us, "très sympa”! 

We are delighted for the love and caring that we are so lucky to have in our church, but we mustn’t be complacent. The message is not to keep it to ourselves, but to share the love and care with the wider world, our friends and neighbours and those in need of a friend. This is more difficult but is at the heart of discipleship.


Terrific July Church Fair

Our Church Fair this year was a resounding success! The weather was perfect. Not too hot and just a couple of very short, light showers.

Over 2000€ were raised, thanks to so many clever and inventive people. We are so blessed with a membership who have and use their many and varied talents to such good effect for God’s work. This reminds us of the parable of the Talents! They are a wonderful example to the rest of us.

To name some of the main players… Marie for her advertising posters and leaflets, Kathy and Mark for the organising and especially the imaginative children's/adult’s games, Dave and Ann for the wonderful Hog Roast, so mouthwateringly cooked in Mark’s converted oil-drum barbecue! Thank you to all the volunteers who put up the rescued marquees( that’s a separate story!), and those manned the stalls and games. Finally thanks to all of those who came, enjoyed the fun and food, and spent their money! If I have missed out anyone, forgive me, others know who you are, and thank you.


June farewell service for Madeleine Holmes, Reader

On Sunday 10th June, members and friends of The Dronne Valley Church toasted Madeleine Holmes and shared stories during a lively lunch to wish her well as she heads back to the UK.  Arriving in France 25 years ago, Madeleine has been with the Dronne Valley Church since its origins as the ‘home church’ at Petits Côtes, through the years in Chapdeuil, and onto the present day, qualifying as a Licensed Reader in Aquitaine, and taking services regularly at Bertric Burée church.

Having known Madeleine for so many years, we are sure that many will miss her passion, enthusiasm and of course her inimitable style and smile. From your friends in the Dordogne, Madeleine, it is not Goodbye, but ‘Au Revoir’ until we meet again.


May opening of the BB Book Barn

We all applaud the tireless work put in by David, Trevor and Tony, to construct all the shelving and the lighting and to organise the thousands of books, fiction and non-fiction, CDs and DVDs,  into alphabetical order, from their original dozens of fruit boxes on tables! What a splendid Out-Reach facility the Upper Room and our Book Barn is becoming.  Today we welcomed some old and some new faces, people who at present do not come to our Dronne Valley Church, but who are connecting with us, and enjoying our activities and friendship.

Dave, Ann and Mark were in charge of refreshments as usual, and the Bacon Butties were well received, together with teas, coffees and cakes, all of which made a profit of just over 200€ for the Upper Room.  It was a perfect day, wall to wall sunshine, and we were pleased once again to have invested in our marquee, which sheltered visitors, from the hot sun in the garden. 

Unfortunately, since the opening, a massive, unexpected storm blew up early evening, and has damaged our marquees. Dave and Mark have gone to take them down and assess the damage. We are all hoping they are repairable.


May 19th Christian Aid fundraising afternoon

What a lovely afternoon we all enjoyed in a garden under the sunshades, thanks to Pam and Mike Duncan! The sun shone and Pam’s famous cakes and scones were in plentiful supply. At the same time we were reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves, which was the point of this afternoon. The event  raised 400€ on the afternoon and have a further 70€ from 9 people who were unable to attend. All of the donations will go to Christian Aid, and we thank Pam and Mike for their generous and delicious Tea.


Super Rock and Roll Evening in April

The Rock and Roll Night was such a good night! With music from the 50's and 60's organised by Kathy and Mark Carter, with Ann and Dave Knight serving beef burgers and chips, whilst David Jackson presided over the bar and Steve Long manning the music desk (sporting a very fetching red wig and green spectacles). It is always a surprise how our Fund Raising team always find new and fun things to organise. The best way to raise money is to make it enjoyable for those giving!

The couple who won the bottle of wine for the best costume of the 50s/60s was Emily and Andy. Brian had a recent birthday, and was given best wishes and a birthday cake.

The proceeds of the night will go towards paying for the double-glazed windows recently installed in the Upper Room.


Joyous Easter morning!

We started the happy day with a Sunrise Service of Joy, at 7.30am in the garden of the Upper Room, organised by Ann Knight, with Steve Long on guitar. No rain, and a beautiful sunrise which, following all the rain in the previous week was an added bonus. The service was followed by a fantastic full English Breakfast, for which we were all more than ready! Thanks to Ann and Dave Knight, and Mark Carter. The Upper Room was so cosy, thanks to the new double glazed windows (we are still fundraising to cover this cost).

Following on at 10.30am, Our Easter Sunday Communion Service,  with the Rev'd Andy Horlock, was on the theme of HOPE, and asked us what would we put in our bag labelled HOPE. Andy gave us some examples of his own. Our little church was full to capacity, with a congregation of over 120. Many of whom joined us for coffee in the Upper Room after the Service. What a delight to welcome old friends, new faces, and visiting guests!


Confirmation at Bertric Burée - Sun 18th March

Bishop Robert had a busy weekend: having ordained Charlotte so joyously on Saturday 17th in Bordeaux we were pleased to welcome at Bertric Burée to confirm nine candidates on Sunday 18th where the church had been beautifully decorated.

Our Chaplain, Rev'd Tony Lomas and Ingrid, had hosted Bishop Robert and his wife Helen, as well as masterminding the two celebrations. The candidates’ ages ranged from 13 to 80, eight from Bertric Burée and one, the youngest, from the Vendée was prepared and presented by Rev'd Hazel Door. The local candidates were prepared and presented by the Rev'd Brian Davies.

At the main door of the church Bishop Robert prayed with them over water to remind us all of our baptism and entry into the church then sprinkled the candidates with water from the font. The group returned to the front for the confirmation and anointing with holy oil. The candidates were then presented to the 98 members of the congregation who welcomed them with a long and loud round of applause before we all shared in communion.

There was a photo call after with the new communicants, Bishop Robert, the clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers/Readers enjoying the sunshine on a rather chilly day before the majority retired to the Foyer where we enjoyed a sumptuous ‘Bring and Share’ lunch.


Click here for the "Bertric Burée Church Previous News" page




 Forthcoming services 

Sunday 16 December - 10:30 Family Service, Janis Adams

Sunday 23 December - 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

Sunday 23 December - 16:00 Christmas Carol Service

Tuesday 25 December - 10:30 Christmas Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

Sunday 30 December - 10:30 Prayer & Praise, Steve Long

Sunday 06 January - 10:30 Service of the Word, Steve Long

Sunday 06 January - 16:00 Evensong, Sheila Marshall

Wednesday 09 January - 11:00 BCP Holy Communion, Rev'd Brian Davies

Sunday 13 January - 10:30 Holy Communion

Saturday 19 January - 15:00 Ribérac Hospital Chapel, Christian Unity Service

Sunday 20 January - 10:30 Family Service, Patrick Sturges

Sunday 27 January - 10:30 Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

*** Please join us for tea and coffee after each of the Sunday services ***


Prayer Ministry available - look for white dove badge

prayer ministryPrayer ministry is offered at Bertric Burée by members of the team at the services on Sundays in the side chapel. Please take advantage of this for anything for which you would like prayer support.

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays this is available after the service and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays during the serving of communion. Also, Prayer ministry is available after each service in the Upper Room.To help you to identify members of the team, we will be wearing these white dove badges.

If you have any questions about prayer ministry or any ideas or suggestions, please contact Cathy and Brian, or speak to another member of the team. Cathy and Brian Wheatcroft 05 53 90 62 85 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


August Sunday School Fun

sunday school

Alexandra and Michael led the Sunday School on 24th August and shared their art work and ideas on light when they returned. Many of the congregation were able to help them sing 'This little light of mine' which they had learnt during their time.

Sunday School is temporarily on hold, but we will feature an update soon about plans for youth ministry at our church. Children are welcome at all our services, there are activity bags, books, bulletin sheets and toys for them. The Family Service on the third Sunday, and children and families are welcome to attend any service.



Wednesday Prayer Group

All are invited to join those who meet to pray for ourselves and our church on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month between 5 and 6 pm in church. We look forward to seeing you. Please phone a warden for more information.





Sat Dec 1st: Christmas market, 10:00 - 15:00

christmas marketWhy not start the month in festive style, by coming along with friends and family? Amid a selection of stalls, you're bound to find that special present, as there’ll be arts and crafts, children's books and toys, and lots more.

As they say: "the early bird catches the worm" - so be early for those most popular items – Christmas cakes, Christmas puddings, mince pies and Christmas crackers.

Refreshments will be available throughout the event - bacon butties, mulled wine, a nice cuppa tea or coffee and mince pies.


Knit and Natter Group - 3rd and 4th Thursday of each month

We meet in the Upper Room from 2-4pm, on the 3rd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

At the moment, we are blessed with a lot of donated knitting yarn and are busy making items for sale and for charity. The main charity that we are supporting is ‘Knit for Peace’ www.knitforpeace.org.uk which sends knitted garments to people in need, whether in Britain or abroad. It has also been suggested that we make blankets for ‘Phoenix’, and we have been asked to knit plain, simple hats for the Mediterranean Mission for Seafarers in Gibraltar.

Of course, if anyone would rather just knit for themselves, that is fine too. We are a group of ladies, with differing abilities, who enjoy chatting to each other and helping each other out with knitting problems. We all learn from each other. If anyone else would like to join us for knitting, crocheting, or just nattering they are very welcome.

Please come along if you can knit, crochet or just want a natter. If you would like to learn about knitting and crocheting, come and see us. We have a few ideas of things to make as a group but if you would rather do your own thing, then that would be fine too. If you need any more details please contact Jean Stocks at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Craft Group: 3rd Thursday of each month

The craft group will now meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Upper Room at Bertric Burée, at 2pm.

There is no need for any particular skill or craft. Just come for a chat and tea and cake. For more details, please contact Cilla on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 05 53 91 88 71.



Monthly Randonnée: or "Stroll to Lunch" if you like

Organised walks are scheduled to take place once per month, in various locations. Suggestions are always welcome!

For more details, please contact Sheila Marshall 05 53 90 95 69, or Jaki Moorhouse on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Pastoral Care

We can provide company, hospital visits, a phone call, a shoulder to cry on and hopefully much more.

We really would appreciate being informed of perceived needs so that where possible we can be of help. If you know of anyone who would welcome a visit or call, please contact Elizabeth Faulkner on 05 45 98 41 25 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can arrange for a member of the team to help out.

If you need help from Cancer Support France (by English speakers for English speakers) your contacts are 06 43 67 86 11 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Cancer Support France).


Secours Catholique

Secours CatholiqueThis is a charity we support annually with our Harvest Gifts. They are based in Riberac and run by the Catholic Church to help those in need. The committee agreed that it would be a good idea if we could make a regular donation to them. This is an excellent way to support the local people.

Geoff Cogger has volunteered to be responsible for ‘the box’ and delivery to the Secours Catholique and is providing a collecting box at the back of church for your donations of tinned, dried goods, toiletries etc. Please remember to bring a packet or tin – in date please – to fill the box!

Try leaving something in your car - somewhere obvious - after the weekly shop as an 'aide mémoire'!



Home Groups

Home Groups in the Dronne Valley

home groups

Home Groups  are a key part of Dronne Valley church life -

There are four to choose from:

- Alternate Tuesday mornings near Verteillac: 10.00 for 10.30am. All are welcome. For more information contact Mike Duncan: 05 53 91 30 64

- Alternate Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm near Ribérac. For dates and location please contact Gwyneth Marison 05 45 24 06 89

- Fortnightly on Tuesday mornings, 10.00 for 10.30am. For dates and venue this month please contact Brian Cook on 05 45 98 43 00

- Fortnightly on Thursdays at 2.00pm at Ann Knight’s home, Chez Foucaud, Montboyer, between Chalais and Montmoreau. Contact Ann for dates and directions – Ann Knight 05 45 98 22 17

The groups are made up of friendly people who get together to talk over a small part of the Bible or another Christian book and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake. All of the groups are keen to welcome newcomers, but it’s a good idea to phone, so that we know you’re coming.


News from Thursday Home Group chez Ann Knight

home groupOur home group has grown over the years in terms of numbers and spiritual growth. We endeavour to be a support mechanism to each other and can pray for specific needs. We’ve been studying ‘What’s so Amazing about Grace’ by Philip Yancey. 

We are looking forward to starting a new study soon as we’ve been doing this one for over twelve months now! Very good and quite challenging. We’re thinking of ‘Chocolat’ something that was suggested by Margaret.  We’ve also got a study on the ‘Bride of Christ’ relating the old Jewish traditional wedding which relates to specific biblical text, which could also be very interesting.

For dates and directions please contact Ann on 05 45 98 22 17 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Sunday 03 November - 10:30 Service of the Word

Sunday 03 November - 16:00 Evensong

Sunday 10 November - 10:30 Holy Communion

Wed 13 November -11:00 BCP Holy Communion

Sunday 17 November - 10:30 All Age Worship

Sunday 24 Nov - 10:30 Holy Communion